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About us

The investment fund - SCHNEIDER BROTHERS Ltd was formed in 1991 in Switzerland. In 1999, the headquarters for the fund was transferred to London. At the beginning of 2008, SCHNEIDER BROTHERS Ltd. which consisted of an amalgam of personal funds belonging to 9 managing partners was transformed into a closed investment fund. Today, more than M£160 of assets are managed by SCHNEIDER BROTHERS Ltd.

The principal activity of SCHNEIDER FINANCE CONSULTING is as consultant in Investment Finance and developing efficient Investment Strategies and unique investment products, which respond to the personal situation of the client, adapted to economic and financial conditions.

Our clientele comprises individuals & companies which search not only the best return on investment, but also personalized approach to their projects.

Thanks to our proven expertise and our world-wide network of partners in all legal, economic & financial spheres, we ensure a special taylor-made service for our selected clientele.

We propose a global management of your assets in terms of strict Anglo-Saxon levels of excellence, which is ours, whilst guaranteeing total confidentiality and transparence.